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How to use this site

Singers, songwriters, bands, etc are on the left. Some popular songs on the right. You'll find translations and sometimes notes on vocabulary, grammar and idioms. Some verbs are highlighted in red, hovering the mouse over this verb will show an explanation of the conjugation. The site is about discovering new music and finding a way into other people's cultures and improving your Spanish too. Use it any way you want to but here are some suggestions:

- just listen and enjoy - they are all on my playlists:

- try to understand the lyrics using the translations and notes. Then try singing along, you know you want to.
- pick out words and phrases that tickle your fancy, write them in your notebook (it might be a document on your computer), and make up sentences or fragments of conversation with them in.
- have a conversation with yourself starting with the words ¿que has escuchado ultimamente?
- make your own playlists

You might also have fun if you check out karaoke español on youtube.

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